Sunday, 29 May 2016


Show Week is fast approaching!

Furthermore, just how special is it for St Mary's School to be showcasing Sir Edmund Hillary's Trek to the Top?

Today, 29 May is actually the 63rd anniversary of when Hillary and Tenzing reached the summit of the Everest!

Here are some photos and video footage of what has been happening during rehearsals this week.

Room 3 Glaciers looking fabulous.


Patrice Williams' mother arrived this week,to make a start with  costume fittings for talented solo singers, Anna Tustin and Jaime Lock.

  Room 4 in full rehearsal as yaks who have had enough of trudging through the snow, lugging gear for the expedition group.  Why O Why!

Sunday, 22 May 2016


Oh my!  What a difference a week makes in the world of Performing Arts!

The progress students continue to make is somewhat staggering and this production is set to be a 'Gobsmacking' knockout!

Be quick to buy tickets - we would hate you to miss out.  Tickets are available through Karen and Theresa in the school office (eftpos purchase only),

Wednesday evening - (opening night)
Thursday evening - (finale)

Costs are as follows;
$15.00  adult
$12.00  school age child
$10.00 pre school child

Here are some pictures and videos from around the classes this week.

Year 2 Girls - Snowflakes
Year 2 Girls - Snowflakes
  Royal Guests waltzing with Mr Hesqua.

Old Hillary, (Jack McClutchie) and grandaughter Amelia, (Sophia Mason) rehearse the opening scene of Trek to the Top.

Sunday, 15 May 2016


We are making wonderful progress preparing for our Trek to the Top!

This week the songs are well and truly stuck in our heads, and in fact, keeping some of us awake at night! Students are mastering their dance moves, much to the delight of Patrice Williams whose energy and enthusiasm is extremely contagious.

Check in here to have a sample of the choirs in action and some of the classes hard at work.

Great going, St Mary's!

 Room 6 Puja Sherpas

  Looking good, Oxygen Group! 

Nightmares in action

Listen to the 2 choirs singing 'Trek to the Top'


Sunday, 8 May 2016


We are off to a great start!  Having completed our first week of training we are all learning songs and practising some challenging dance moves.

Check out the photos below ...

Patrice Williams puts the Lead Roles through their paces
  Rooms 8/9 portraying a Nightmare

Room 1 -  NZ Patriots

Room 6 - warm up

Room 10 - The Royal Guests practising the waltz

Room 10 - waltz

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Get Ready ... Set ... Go!

'Gobsmacked' Director Patrice Williams  shares the excitement with students who landed lead roles in  our upcoming School Production Trek to the Top - Sir Edmund Hillary's Story.

Over the holidays these students in lead roles have been very busy learning their lines and songs. From Day 1 of Term 2 it will be all go!  

Here are our actors/singers:
  • Edmund Hillary - Isaac Schuler
  • Tenzing - Ethan Nirmalaraj
  • Colonel Hunt - Conrad Grace
  • Evans - Emma Mitchinson
  • Bourdillon - Emma Thornton
  • Sherpa Ang - Charlie Way
  • Sherpa Tiger - Sophie Rogers
  • Queen - Jaime Lock
  • Old Hillary - Jack McClutchie
  • Amelia - Sophia Mason
  • News Presenter - Sofia Arias
  • News Presenter - Rupert Carter
  • News Presenter - Rose Hennessey
  • Glacier Singer - Anna Tustin
  • Royal Palace Singer - Charlotte Mitchell
  • Royal Palace Singer - Mikayla McGrory
  • Director Assistant - Charlotte Mitchell

Visit this blog to check in and see how things are going with rehearsals, and keep up to date as 'Gobsmacked' prepare St Mary's for what will be the most amazing School Production.

Remember, you can go onto the website to link up to the script and music;  

Online learning
Username:  stmarysschool
Password:   gsmack4
‘Trek to the Top’